Saturday, October 27, 2012

Create a Miniature Halloween Witches Hat

Just in time for halloween, please visit my FREE website tutorial, and learn to make a stunning miniature witches hat! Clear, step by step instructions are available in an easy to follow format. Pattern is printable and included. Click on the link below

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

New - Your Gallery Of Miniature Dolls Page

I have finally had the chance to upload the long awaited "Your gallery" of Dolls Web Page.
This is your chance to shine.  If you have created dolls from my molds, or painted kits please send your photos to me to be featured for free on my website.  All of the information is available here:

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How To Assemble Miniautre Doll Kits

I finally got my instructions for assembling a miniature doll kit back up on my website. You can find them here:
They should work for most miniature doll kits and even some larger dolls.

This is a quick and easy method for assembling 1/12th scale miniature dolls. It will also work with larger dolls. This method will give you a nice, clean looking body with flexibility to enable posing the doll for a natural, realistic look. I have been using this method for my entire doll career and really prefer this to a cloth body.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Miniature Doll - Shoe Tutorial - NEW!

Hi All, I put a brand new tutorial up on my website. If you ever wanted to know how to make miniature doll shoes, this tutorial will help you to create some nice, realistic shoes. All you need is some fimo or sculpy, your kitchen oven, some porcelain doll legs/feet & a few simple tools. Pin It

Friday, July 27, 2012

Abigail Is Assembled And Posed!

In my last post about Abigail she just had a wire armature with cotton pom poms on her rear.


She has since been wrapped with cotton batting and as you can see what looked like exaggerated posture is now quite "normal" for the time period. I also gave her some custom sculpted shoes with a strap and she will have more ornamentation added to them, once they are finished.  

You can see the nice curve "sway" to her back. I plan to give her an Edwardian costume. I am thinking a Day Dress of some sort.

I am still considering the fabric and whether I will do a tiny print or separate blouse and skirt.

See you soon.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Miniature Doll Molds Are Now Back In Stock!

Hooray! For those of you who have been waiting, my miniature doll molds are back in stock. I just picked them up from my mold maker! Fine quality miniature doll molds made by a master mold maker. They feature very fine seam lines and release very easily from the molds. Each mold is highly detailed and yields easy to paint castings. Each doll comes with a different set of arms and legs to mix and match. The hands on all dolls have nice separated fingers.

Buy your molds now : Miniature Doll Molds

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Miniature Doll Kits Sold Quickly

Miniature Doll Laura - Gina BellousThank you to everyone who inquired about purchasing the two lovely ladies. I have been gone for the day. Upon returning my mailbox was flooded with requests to purchase them. I chose the very first person who responded to the post/email.

I will have more kits in the next couple of weeks. If you haven't signed up for my mailing list, please use the "newsletter" box to sign up. Your email will never be given away. You only need to sign up once Pin It