Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Photos Of Chantelle

Chantelle Miniature Doll Side View Close Up
As promised, here are several new photos of Chantelle.  I will put them on my website for a higher resolution.
Chantelle is an original miniature porcelain doll.  She is created from original molds by me.  She is 1/12th scale and stands approximatley 5 1/2" tall.  She is a special one of a kind lady with exquisite details.

In this side view you can see the tiny rose in her hair.  It is handmade by miniature artist Carol Wagner.  I just love her amazing flowers, they are so lifelike.

Chantelle Miniature Doll Front View Close Up
Chantelle has a tiny hand applied and fired-on 24 caret gold necklace with tiny Swarovski Crystals.  She has piercing blue eyes and fiery red hair.  You can also see a close up of her dark charcoal 3/4 length gloves. 
Chantelle Miniature Doll Back View Close Up

Here is a back view of the bodice of Chantelle's gown.  All of the lace on her gown is antique andhand dyed to a dark charcoal gray color.  It compliments the plum color of her gown and sets off her red hair.
Chantelle Miniature Doll Close Up View
You can see how fine the antique lace is in this photo and how nicely it lays and drapes.  You can also see the detail in the styling of her hair.
Chantelle Miniature Doll Front View
A nice detail of the front of Chantelle's bodice.  It features tiny beading at her decolatage and lovely swags of purple silk cording, tiny beads and Swarovski Crystals.
Chantelle Miniature Doll Full View

Chantelle looks regal in her gown.  She is ready for the ball.
Chantelle Miniature Doll Full View Left Side

Chantelle Miniature Doll Full View Front with Fan

Chantelle Miniature Doll Full View Back

Chantelle Miniature Doll Full View Right Side

Chantelle Miniature Doll Full View Back Left Side

Chantelle Miniature Doll Full View Left Side

Chantelle Miniature Doll Full View Right Side

Chantelle Miniature Doll Full View Front

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  1. Chantelle es una beldad!
    Un abrazo

  2. She is absolutely gorgeous, I love all the very fine details, it is hard to believe it is 12 scale, everything is so in scale and the fabric drapes beautifully.

  3. She is truly a magnificent work of art

  4. wuauuuuuu es muy bonita.... el vestido es expectacular!!!! lleva unos detalles muy originales y elegantes

  5. OH WOW!!!!!!! Beautiful Gina!!!
    You take great photos too. Love all of the tiny details they are just perfect for her.
    Thank you for sharing her with us.

  6. Thank you to everyone for your nice comments! It means a lot to me. Big Hugs,

  7. I'm not a big fan of dolls, but she is really an exception. The gloves, her fan, all the detail in the dress... her face... too much too mention. She's a Great work, showing all your talent and skills!!

  8. Es una muñeca preciosa, el vestido combinando todas las telas, con los pliegues, los encanta. Eres una gran miniaturista , las muñecas, todas, son una maravilla. Besos

  9. la muñeca es preciosa pero el vestido ya es espectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!felicidades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Gina ~ There's only one word to describe her...breathtaking!!

  11. She's beautiful, love the colours.


  12. Gina she is stunning, Lisa x

  13. She is gorgeous! I love her dress and the fan.

  14. Un auténtica maravilla. El color azul una elección muy acertada para una pelirroja
    Mis felicitaciones

  15. Una maravilla y el color azul realza a las pelirrojas
    Te felicito por tu trabajo

  16. Gorgeous doll, very realistic and sophisticated lady!
    Greeting, Ilona

  17. maravilloso trabajo , su creación es magnifica y muy bonita , tan precioso el traje , como la señorita , como los complementos . MARAVILLOSO.
    Saludos Loly