Tuesday, May 24, 2011

♥ Portrait Sisters ♥ Costuming - PART 1

Stephanie & Jocelyn Get Their Pretty Underthings.

Finally the poor gals have gotten their underthings.  I feel it is so important to make sure the dolls are properly attired from the bottom up so to speak.  Attention to every detail is of utmost importance.  I remember when I would do doll shows and the first thing people would do was turn the dolls upside down and look under their clothing.

Here is a photo of the underclothing that Stephanie & Jocelyn we costumed in.  They each have embroidered cotton undershirts with rows of vintage cotton lace ruffles. 

This way when someone looks under their little dresses they will see lovely cotton ruffles.  So nice & girly!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Stephanie & Jocelyn Need Clothes!

Hey all,
Sorry for the delay.  I had to get more orders out.  Still shipping some as I type this. 

It is now time for Stephanie & Jocelyn to be costumed.  Each girl will be dressed in matching tiny blue & white pinstripe  sailor dresses with white & red trim.  They will also have white knee socks & leather Mary Jane type shoes.

I was lucky to find a very fine cotton pinstripe that will be perfect for their tiny dresses:

That's little Stephanie hiding under the fabric ☺

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