Monday, May 23, 2011

Stephanie & Jocelyn Need Clothes!

Hey all,
Sorry for the delay.  I had to get more orders out.  Still shipping some as I type this. 

It is now time for Stephanie & Jocelyn to be costumed.  Each girl will be dressed in matching tiny blue & white pinstripe  sailor dresses with white & red trim.  They will also have white knee socks & leather Mary Jane type shoes.

I was lucky to find a very fine cotton pinstripe that will be perfect for their tiny dresses:

That's little Stephanie hiding under the fabric ☺

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  1. They are going to look darling!

  2. Wow-- just sensational. I love love love love
    both the doll and the beautiful little girl who inspired the doll. You are so talented.

  3. So gorgeous! I always love blue and white and I love sailor suits too, so you have combined two of my favourite things :) Hugs, Sandie gsolfot