Friday, February 10, 2012

It's First Give-away Time!

Hi all,
Okay, I have decided to have the first "Give-away" on my blog.  I will start with smaller items for doll making and as the followers grow so will the value of the prize!

The first give-away is for some fantastic Antique Lace.  It will be for 3 yds of 3 different antique laces.  Some of them are French. They are valued at $4.00 - $6.00 per yard (if you can even find any for sale). That is a total value of $42.00 in lace, not bad for a first time give away.  They are very fine cotton. This should be enough to create a lovely doll or more.  Rules below.

First:  You need to make sure you are a follower on my blog (click "follow" if you haven't already).
Secondly: You just need to comment on this post telling me that you are indeed interested in being in the contest, and what your miniature interests are and what you would do with the lace if you won!  That's it.  You only need to comment once and I will take all of the names of the entrants and have someone in my family pull the lucky winners name! 

The Contest will close the end of next week at 9:00 pm Pacific time!  Good luck everyone and don't forget to tell your friends!

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  1. me apunto! si ganara ...hummm...una colcha? cortinas? enaguas para la dama? ...muchas cosas son posibles! voy a anunciar tu sorteo en la barra lateral de mi blog...

  2. Oh, I just LOVE laces! And they are so rare over where I live. It is so pretty give-away, Gina! And generous too! Please count ma in!
    If I win I would use your pretty laces in making doll's clothing or my this year project a roombox for my very special doll.:)

  3. what great looking lace, would love to win them, if I won it would come in handy in the bedroom of my victorian house, and would use some for the bed and matching trima to the curtains

  4. Hola Gina, que preciosos encajes sorteas! me encantaría ganarlos.
    Haría con ellos ropa para bebé o tal vez una colcha.
    Lo anuncio en mi blog.
    Un abrazo

  5. Beautiful laces! I would love to win them:-) I dress miniature dolls mostly in fancy ballgowns of the Victorian time period.

  6. Hi Gina..Thank you for holding a giveaway. The lace is beautiful and can be used in so many different ways. I would love to win, I would use the lace for table settings, doilies, blanket ruffles and little girl dress trim. Good luck to everyone!

  7. Hola Gina, por favor cuenta conmigo, si ganara, tal vez haría una colcha o tal vez unas cortinas, gracias, besos Ana (mucuy)

  8. I would love some lace..thank you for the chance...Hugs Jeannette

  9. sorry forgot to say what I would do with the lace...I would use it in my knitting work as knitting on to lace gives a lovely effect...Hugs Jeannette

    1. Gina, What a wonderful giveaway! I LOVE lace. I would use it to dress a baby in the Victorian era and to maybe embellish a cradle also! I will keep my fingers crossed!!

  10. Hi!

    Lovely, lovely giveaway. I would probably use the lace to make ruffle skirts for my girl dolls. It might be suitable for window treatments too. I have this idea of very lacy curtains, but I have not found a suitable lace just yet.


  11. Que bonitos son los encajes,yo lo usaria para mis trajes de las muñecas,los moises,las cortinas y muchas cosas mas.Asi que con tu permiso me apunto a tu sorteo y decirte que tambien estoy de sorteo en mi blog por si quieres apuntarte,tienes cosas muy lindas.Auxi.

  12. A very generous and lovely give away, Gina, thank you!! If I win I can use it in many different ways (visit and see my blog: I make very variegated miniatures), that's why I ask you to count me in for this beautiful give away! My canalhouse has still to be decorated, I'll do that in the ancient((?) my English is not correct, I'm sorry) time of 1900. So I can use your lace everywhere, dolls, bedding etc. I put the link on my blog, Gina. Have a nice weekend and kind regards, Ilona

  13. Hi Gina the blog is fab am so glad to have found it again since my old computor went and quit its been awhile finding all my favorites again ....the laces are wonderful and if I were to win them I would do several things with them ...I am doing a mini sewing room so some would go in there also a lined cupboard for the big house and I want to do so fine lace things for it and leave the door open with amaid putting really fab linen in and the other would be used on dolls for my edwardian and regency house hope you start to sell your wonderful molds again soon hugs Jane in England

  14. Hello Gina, I like to participate in this give away. I like making and clothing dolls , but I also making a French house so I could use the French lace very good, for the soft funishing of the house.

  15. Hi Gina!
    Such fun!!!! Count me in!
    Cotton LACE!!!LACE! LACE! LACE!!!!! YEAY! LOL!
    Such a great giveaway!
    Okay so here is the list of things that could be made with this beautiful lace.
    Clothing for miniature undressed dolls (you know you all have some)
    Trim for roomboxs (Or if you are lucky enough to have a dollhouse)
    Nursery items (Mini babies always need a beautiful place to sleep)
    Trim for crocheted baby clothes (Chilly winters)
    Miniature tables need to be dressed (beautiful table linens and paper flowers)
    Pincushion dolls clothing (Ribbons and lace and beads)
    OOPS! Might be running out of lace at this!
    Such fun to dream!
    Best wishes to all,
    Hugs, Morena

  16. What a lovely laces, thank U for this giveaway.
    I would use them for making my little people clothing.
    Thank UUUU again!!!
    regards from Spain!!

  17. These laces are wonderful. Please, count me in your giveaway. I put the link on my blog.
    I could use them for pillows, clothes, curtain and more.
    Bye Faby

  18. Hi Gina,
    The lace is so romantic,
    I would use it in my dress my new doll...

  19. Mi debilidad son los encajes. Estaría feliz de ser la afortuna, tengo en proyecto hacer una mercería, así que sería estupendo ganarlo.
    Yo también estoy de sorteo, quedas invitada.
    Pongo el anuncio en mi blog.
    Un saludo

  20. Hi All,
    Thank you to everyone so far that has entered and SPECIAL THANKS to all who had added my contest to their blog or have me in their blog roll! Hugs, Gina

  21. Z radością zapisuję się na listę. Jeśli wygram zrobię wreszcie ubranka mojemu miniaturowemu dzidziusiowi. Chciałabym też zrobić kilka innych miniaturowych rzeczy. Uściski!
    With joy writes itself to the list. If I win I'll finally my miniature baby clothes. I would also like to do a few other tiny things. Hugs!

  22. ¡¡Wonderful!! Para vestiditos de damas son finisimos y elegantes. Me encantaria poder participar en tu sorteo. Gracias.

  23. Divino! Si puedes apuntarme seria muy feliz.

  24. Beautiful laces. I really would like to win those. I think I would like to try to make some bedding/sheets which have been going in the family from mother to daughter for some time, sort of a heirloom. Or perhaps I might try to make some dolls and clothes for them.

  25. Hi,
    I'm your newest follower and it looks like I broke the number 100 (^^)- I hope it brings me some luck here :0)

    I'd LOVE to enter your lovely giveaway- so I do hope you count me in.
    IF I would win this... Hmmm, I think I would wanna try to make some clothes for ladies from those beautiful laces or maybe some beddings..

    I'll put a link to my blog's sidebar.

    MiniHugs, Irina

  26. Preciosas labores!!!

    Me gustaría participar en tu sorteo.

  27. Hola, qué regalo tan generoso!!!. Me encanta tu blog. Me gustaría participar y si ganara seguramente lo usaria para una colcha, o para varias si alcanzara. Saludos y felicidades por tus seguidores.

  28. Me ha encantado los encajes y ya los imagino en colchas y ropas de muñecas,sobretodo de bebes,tambien me ha gustado mucho eso de los osrteos sorpresa,haber si tengo suerte.Gracias por tu generosidad no tengo blog.correo

  29. Uisss con lo bonitos que son y lo bien que van para hacer cualquier fino... me gustaria participar gracias por esta oportunidad... besos

  30. hola que fantastica idea, ahora estoy en la construccion de mi casita y esos lacitos me servirian mucho para hacer unas magnificas cortinas.te agracederia mucho si cuentas conmigo para tu sorteo y recibe muchos saludos

  31. Hola Gina, me gustaria participar en tu sorteo, lo pongo en mmi blog ahora, si ganara ya no tendria excusa para empezar a hacer vestidos y juegos de cama, besos.

  32. Your giveaway is beautiful...hugs from Poland

  33. hola q encaje me encanto como para hacer vestidos o tambien hacer corse en miniaturas bueno sirve para muchas cosas me anotas para el sorteo te dejo mi correo gracias

  34. Just found your blog today, your dolls are wonderful. At the moment I mainly make furniture in 1/12 scale. I used to make full size porcelain dolls more than 10 years ago. I still have my kiln, so would love to make mini dolls sometime in the future.

  35. Hello from your new follower :)
    Those laces are really pretty, I/ll be glad to use them to my new project - I'm making a pictures of angels, some of them I'll use for my miniatures (pillows, boxes, clothes for dolls). I'll be really happy if U count me in :)

  36. precioso sorteo!me encantaria participar!!!!!!!!!! al mio llegaste un dia tarde y no sabes como lo siento!!!!!!!!!!!!!!un beso

  37. Oooohhh apuntameee, me servirian para adornar los vestidos de vistiendo sueños!!!!!

  38. Certainly I want to participate in this contest, especially for such a lovely lace!
    My interest in mini is very broad, especially now in lingerie, but also in interior of the dollhouse, but still not enough time...
    Of this beautiful lace I would make beautiful lingerie or a beautiful dress.
    I wish everyone success, I do hope I win! ;D
    * marlies

  39. Hi, I am new follower but not new in the dolls' world. Actually I work with my miniature doll house 1:12 and love my Barbie dolls collection. I love to collect Antique Lace, fabrics and sew new dresses to my dolls. Antique Lace are the most wanted thing to sew old fashioned pillows to my little house and sew new romantic style doll's dresses.
    Have a nice day and good luck to all participants! :)
    * Kaya

  40. Hola, me gusta mucho el papel y coser, y lo usaría para algún vestido guapo.

  41. Hallo,Wat een geweldige giveaway .ik ben een nieuwe volger ,je kant is prachtig
    Voor beddegoed, en ondergoed ,en kleding ,ik zou er wel mee kunnen werken .Wil graag meedoen
    groetjes doortje

  42. Fantastic giveaway! Thank you for including me. I love vintage laces! I would use the lace for trimming a bedspread in my Victorian dollhouse and for making curtains and mini corsets. My fingers are crossed for good luck! I'll go post your giveaway on my blog now! :-) Jennifer

  43. Wonderful giveaway. I want to win this lace for the clothes I want to make for my dolls. I put a link to my blog. Thank you.
    Hugs from Craftland

  44. Maravilloso sorteo, me vendria genial para mis vestidos para los bebés... es precioso.
    Soy seguidora tuya y ahora mismo subo el anuncio en mi blog. Espero que cuentes conmigo para el sorteo. Un abrazo. Teresa.

  45. Hola Gina, me encantaria participar,lo mio son los encajes, me vuelven loca, y seguro que realizaría un nuevo modelo de colcha, gracias por tu sorteo, lo aviso en mi blog.

  46. Ciao Gina, piacere di conoscerti!!
    E' un giveaway fantastico e molto generoso!!
    vorrei partecipare e se dovessi vincere utilizzerei tutti questi merletti per rifinire i miei asciugamani ricamati e realizzerei un bellissimo abito per questa elegante signora, che potrebbe vivere comodamente nella mia nuova casa vittoriana.
    E' un sogno !!! spero proprio di vincere e nel frattempo metto il link sul mio blog.
    Grazie e bacioni

  47. Hola Gina, compartimos la misma afición. Me encantaria participar en tu sorteo. Gracias, un beso

  48. Es un regalo maravilloso, lleno de posibilidades para hacer cualquier trabajo en una casita de muñecas.
    Me encantaria participar.
    Subo el aviso a mi blog.
    besitos ascension

  49. Yours is a very generous giveaway. I am always looking out for lace, especially dollhouse sized which are very difficult to find here. If I win (fingered crossed) I'll use them for my miniature rooms scenes. Please count me in.
    Thanks and a hug

  50. Me encantan esos encajes que sorteas por lo que me sentiria muy afortunada de participar y tener la posibilidad de ganarlos
    un saludo


  51. Hi Gina, I am madly in love with the miniatures because I think I may live in another era and another place. These antique lace are amazing hopefully allow me to participate, I would do with them is a beautiful dress for a doll dress that I have not yet, I hope to get lucky.
    Many thanks and a kiss

  52. Hi Gina (my facebook friend)
    How generous of you to give away some of your beautiful lace. I would love to win it and use it in dressing one of my dolls.
    thanks so much
    Carol Hudson

  53. Following!! When are you going to sell your molds again?

  54. Podria participar en tu sorteo!!!! tu regalo es precioso.