Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Have a Few Doll Kits Available In Stock!

Hi All,
I just happen to have a few doll kits in stock.  You can see them on my website:
Miniature Doll Kits In Stock

If you are looking for a doll kit for your next project here is a great way to get a beautiful, finely detailed doll kit without having to wait for it.  In stock and ready to ship.  I only have 1 of each available.  All doll kits come with half arms with separated fingers & half legs with plain heels & assembly instructions.

Charity - Brown Eyes

Victoria 3 - Blue Eyes

Lily - Brown Eyes

Victoria 1 - Blue Eyes

Victoria 2 - Blue Eyes

Victoria 4 - Brown Eyes

Victoria 5 - Blue Eyes

Victoria 6 - Blue Eyes

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  1. Tus muñecas son muy lindas. Me encantan sus caritas. Besos