Thursday, April 21, 2011

Portrait Sisters - Wigging 101

Here is a photo of prepping the viscose to be applied to the dolls.  I will start with Jocelyn and then wig Stephanie.  Each girl has a medium brown color hair in 2 ponytails (pigtails without the braids).  I chose to blend the hair colors as their color was in between 2 colors and also I feel it adds realism to the finished doll, especially with portrait dolls.  I will be posting step by step photos of the hairstyle as it progresses.

The hair on the left has been blended from the colors on the right.  It is actually more brown that it seems in the photos.  You can see the realism that is achieved by blending the colors.  It has more depth.

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  1. It certainly makes a difference when you blend the two colours, it is much more realistic. Hugs Sandie gsolfot