Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Alex" Doll - A Future Bride!

Often times I have a customer who would like me to make a doll in a person's likeness but cannot afford the fees for a one of a kind sculpted doll. 

There are other more affordable ways to have a doll made that will resemble a person.  It helps if you have a good repoire with your dollmaker/artist.  They should be willing to work with you to find the right face and talk about options for hair, painting style, gloves, etc.

My customer wanted me to make a doll kit that she will dress of her daughter for her wedding.  She did not want a custom sculpted doll.  She chose the face from my selection of doll kits I carry on my website: Gina Bellous Dolls .  After narrowing it down, she chose Lydia from a mold by Stacy Hofman.  I had to agree with her that this was a good choice.  It is a mold that is not available commercially, but has no dropped shoulders.  Her daughter is wearing a strapless gown and her shoulders will be bare so no matter what type of shoulders we chose, there will be a seam showing. 

This is Alex. She is such a pretty girl. After making both dolls, I realize that her hair will be worn down like in the photo so doll #1 with the full arms will work just fine, but I like the face of doll #2.

I decided to make 2 dolls and let her choose which one she likes best.  To offer a variation of the shoulders I cut the head off of Stacy's doll and put it on my Victoria body and flattened the bustline a bit.  This gave the doll a nice youthful neckline and  body.  I was able to squeeze her face a bit when I removed it from the mold to make it narrower.

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  1. Such detail! Both the dolls are beautiful!

  2. Fabulous Gina, I like doll 2 best too x

  3. Outstanding! Can hardly wait to see more of your magic!

  4. Both portrait dolls are awesome and oh so realistic!! Please show us your progress as you costume (if possible)!!

  5. Hi All,
    Thank you all for your lovely comments. My customer decided to take both dolls. She liked #2 & her husband liked #1. They have een mailed off to her. She will be costuming them. I can't wait to see how they turn out!