Friday, April 13, 2012

When the follower count gets to 200...

Haley Kit will be blank - not painted

Thank you so much for all who are following me.  I hope to be posting more often with doll kits and dressed dolls I am working on. 

When the blog follower count gets to 200, I will hold another contest!  This time it will be for a porcelain doll blank that you can paint yourself. 

You can find my china painting tutorial here:

China Painting Tutorial

It is a great tutorial for beginners and also advanced doll artists looking for some tips on painting eyes, etc.  You will find a list of all the supplies you need as well as the colors and supplies I like to use.  You can also apply these tips to using oil or acrylic paints if you don't have access to a kiln.

Here is a sneek peek at the tutorial:

See the whole tutorial from start to finish here:
China Painting Tutorial

Step #10
Okay, This is one of my favorite parts,
but also one of the MOST frustrating!
I will admit, it sometimes sends
me over the edge, lol.
Wash your brush in water, blot on
paper towel. Dip brush in area
medium, and run brush over your
skin (yep) to blot excess medium
without removing too much from brush.

Carefully set the tip of the brush in the
center of the paint. It will blot up
some of the paint.
Now repeat this step several times
until you can see a nice light circle
in the center. Remove enough paint
to leave a radiant circle in the iris.

Step #11

Ahhh, Dannie, here's looking at you, kid!
Repeat the last step on the opposite eye.
Turn that little head upside down to
make sure the irises match.
This is a really important step.
The irises should be as even as
possible. They should look similar
in size, shape, and coloring.
It is very easy for one to become
lighter or darker than the other
one, and that will show up when
you go to add the pupils. It
will be very noticible.


See the whole tutorial from start to finish here:
China Painting Tutorial

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  1. A CONTEST!!!! YEAY!!! LOL!

    I love your work and I love your tutorials!!!!!! You make it look sooo easy. Your doll's eyes are so wonderful and expressive. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us Gina.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. How cool that you share your techniques through such detailed tutorials! Thanks Gina, no wonder you have so many ardent followers!

  3. Muchas gracias por tus fantasticos tutoriales.
    Estare pendiente para tu maravilloso sorteo.
    besitos ascension

  4. Me encantan tus muñecas. Gracias por el tutorial. Besos y feliz semana

  5. Thanks for the tutorial, i love your dolls.