Saturday, July 14, 2012

Creative Conundrum

Have you ever been in a Creative Conundrum? I seem to have so many ideas and so many special, painted doll kits set aside to costume that I can't seem to decide which one to dress or which costume to do, etc. It must sound silly to some, but I always make 1 or 2, one of a kind ladies when I am working on my doll kit orders. I have 6 pretty gals just begging for me to costume them. I have been working on them for many months already just to get them to this point. Sigh, I don't know which little lady to create first. Alas, the poor dears have been banished to solitary confinement and can only dream of stepping out in a new world all dressed and ready for a new adventure. Does this ever happen to anyone? You have the most wonderful doll, fabrics, etc. but just can't seem to settle on what to do with her? Arrrgh! It will be fun to see which lady wins! I think #4 from the left is calling out to me. Her name is Abigail. Stay tuned.....

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  2. Hi Gina,

    I think all artists suffer the same conundrum. When this happens to me, I try to concentrate on the positive aspects, because let's face it --there are a lot of people out there in a far worse spot, right?

    Work on #4 --she is gorgeous!

  3. Thanks John,
    You are right! And I think #4 is the one, but you never know, lol. ♥

  4. Such beautiful sparkling diamonds just waiting for an amazing setting. Your lovely faces are enough for me.
    I usually sculpt and complete several babies at a time so I often have up to five little ones sitting on my work table waiting and waiting and waiting for days. It is as if they are all saying "PICK ME!". How can someone be creative with all of that noise...LOL! Gina, pick one and bring her over to your fabrics and laces or maybe an inspirational photo and let her decide. The others should quiet down if you put them in a
    Have fun and post pictures, I love seeing you create your masterpieces.

  5. Hi Morena,
    I am so glad to know that I am not alone. There really is all that "noise", lol. It is deafening when I get too close to the tray of dolls. I am painting more now and already another gal is calling me, lol. But I think I will stick to my guns with #4!
    Big Hugs, Gina